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At New Milton Infant School we believe that PE is an essential part of a child’s educational development and is underpinned by our school vision and values.  We aim to deliver a balanced program that offers a variety of activities and experiences to enhance skills in PE from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 2.  Positive participation in PE and competition will enable children to build self-esteem, team work and a positive attitude.  We want children to develop confidence and skills and to improve their health and wellbeing that will give them lifelong knowledge.  We will provide quality opportunities for children outside of school time.


At New Milton Infant School we encourage lifelong engagement in physical activity by making PE inclusive, personalised and enjoyable. An emphasis is placed throughout on the personal, social, moral and cultural gains that children can make by engaging in physical activity of all kinds. We recognise that participation in PE promotes the skills of team work, leadership, fairness and respect. 




At New Milton Infant School we use the Real PE scheme of work.  The Real PE programme is supported by Jasmine, which is a real PE digital platform.  It provides fun, interactive PE lessons with integrated videos and resources.  Real PE includes whole school training and support for practitioners to give them confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE. 


New Milton Infant School is a member The Hampshire School Games.  This a series of activities, events and competitions delivered through Hampshire & IOW School Games Organisers and Energise Me, giving all schools in Hampshire & IOW the opportunity to take part, regardless of ability. Each child in Key Stage 1 participates in 1 hour 30 minutes a week of PE.  A further 30 minutes is dedicated to the Golden Mile three times a week.


Each child in Year R participates in 1 hour a week of PE.  They have opportunities for Physical Development in their daily 3 hours of continuous provision.  They also participate in Forest Friday activities, the Golden Mile, Dough Disco and Pen Disco.




At New Milton Infant School children will have developed fundamental movement skills and will be competent and confident in agility, balance and coordination. They will have engaged in competition and worked individually and with others in a range of increasingly challenging activities. Pupils’ progress in PE is assessed throughout each unit and these combined assessments contribute to an overall view of how well children are achieving in PE. This assessment is communicated to parents each year in the mid-year report.


Our children will have participated in team games and developed simple tactics for attacking and defending.  They will have created and performed dances and had the opportunity to evaluate their own and others performance and will be confident to continue their PE learning journey in Key Stage 2.