Sickness - guidance for parents


When your child is unwell, it is often difficult to know what you need to do and whether they should be in school.


With this in mind a number of health professionals (including GPs and NHS specialists)  have collaborated to produce a website for parents called Healthier Together 

This website has a wealth of information for you and your child including advice on pregnancykeeping your child safe and healthy,  and childhood illness. 


The section worried your child is unwell gives up to date medical advice on symptoms and how to look after your child should they become unwell as well as where to go should you need to access services.

There is a section to guide parents when their child is unwell and clarify 'is a child is OK to go to school'  and when they should return after illness. 

They have also produced a useful leaflet for parents (below) giving an overview of the more common illnesses, describing the symptoms, what to do and an at a glance 'traffic light' system to guide parents as whether their child should be in school.
There are also paper copies available from the school office.


(All the items in red italics will link directly to the relevant section of the Healthier Together website.)