Year 2 - RABBITS

Welcome to Class 9!

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Lots of you have have asked for a list of the Year 1 and 2 common exception words. Happy Spelling!

Goodbye 2020! Our final weather monitor of the year.

Christmas Party Day and a visit from Santa!

Finding Fractions

Christmas Dinner!

More Elf Adventures!

And now for this week's weather!

Our reading challenge winner! Well done!

Linking Division to Multiplication - finding fact families

Learning to divide and write division number sentences

The children love coming in and trying to spot the Elf!

Thank you weather monitor.

We have a cheeky visitor in Rabbits Class!

Say NO to Bullying!


During our PSHE lessons we have been thinking about bullying, what it is, what to do if we see or experience bullying and how to stand up for ourselves and others.  This week, we had some scenarios that the children thought about and then created a 'freeze frame' for.  They then described how they felt in this situation.  The children were so thoughtful, with many commenting about how hard it was to pretend to be a bully, knowing that it would make someone else feel sad.  Through this, the children really showed all of our school values of  empathy, kindness, caring and respect and tolerance for others.  Thank goodness we have such wonderful children who know how to "Say no to bullying."

PSHE - Say no to bullying!

Grouping in Division

Christmas has arrived!

This week's weather ......

Christmas Decoration Day!

Making arrays in multiplication

We made 2D shapes and described their properties

Showing teamwork to choose amazing adjectives in literacy

This week's weather!

Congratulations to us ...... we won the Best Attendance Award last week! Well done, Rabbits!

Statistics - We learnt about pictograms and made one of our own!

Multiplication - Repeated Addition

Thank you, Weatherman!

Learning how to tally!

The Puzzling Sweetshop! Solving open-ended problems in maths

This week's weather!

A selection of our thoughtful Remembrance Day messages 6.11.20

We read the King of Tiny Things and then went on a minibeast hunt! 6.11.20

Measure in Maths - wb 2.11.20 - Our Learning Journey!

Week 7 Weather!

Thinking about money in Maths

And now for this week's weather ........

We went on a phonics treasure hunt! Reading words with the 'e' split digraph.

Mapping the School Grounds for the King of Tiny Things!

We wrote property descriptions for the Three Bears' Cottage!

Common Exception Word Lists for Spelling

Recording the Weather

We learnt our first chord today! 9.10.20

We love playing Kahoot!

Writing noun phrases 7.10.20

Phonics Games

This week we learnt how to use commas to separate words in a list.

Just a few of our Gingerbread Man sliding pictures

Showing our place value knowledge in practical Maths

Today we stumbled into a crime scene! Can you guess who has escaped? 21.9.20

We had a great time learning the 'thumb brush strum' in our first ukulele lesson! 18.9.20

The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Outdoor Learning wc. 14.9.20

The Three Billy Goats Gruff - painting trolls wc 7.9.20

Rabbits Class - Welcome to our new classroom!