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Year 2 - RABBITS

Welcome to Class 9!

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What a lovely final day! Thank you Rabbits for a wonderful year (despite lockdown). Good luck at your new schools. Keep smiling!

Week 6 Weather - What a beautiful ending to the week. Thank you to our weather monitor for doing such a great job of recording the temperature each day.

Orienteering! We used our map work skills to identify locations around the school, find a clue and then solve a puzzle. Well done, Rabbits!

Another week of mixed weather! Thank you to our weather monitor for recording the temperatures.

We were so lucky to be visited by Chris Connaughton. We loved watching and listening to him retelling the story of The Firebird.

We made our own Titanic models using Lego.

Drama - For one afternoon only, our classroom became The Titanic! We thought about what it was like to be a first or a third class passenger.

Our Titanic Visit! Thank you to Sea City Museum from Southampton.

Week 4 Weather - Thank you to our monitor for recording the weather this week. It did rain quite a lot at the beginning of the week, but mostly when we were in bed or early in the morning.

Sports Day! What a wonderful morning we had. Congratulations to everyone and well done children! We were so proud of all of you.

Maths Week 4 - We learnt about position and direction, moving clockwise and anti-clockwise, in quarter turns, half turns, three quarter turns and whole turns!

History Week 4 - This week we started to learn about the Titanic. We looked at photographs and memorabilia which generated lots of questions!

School Council Report - Thank you to our school councillor who talked to the class about recycling our waste correctly.

Thank you to our weather monitor for keeping us up to date with this week's weather.

Symmetry - We had great fun using the mirrors to investigate vertical lines of symmetry in shapes.

In Maths this week we looked at 2D and 3D shape.

Week 2 Weather - What a difference in the weather this week! We began the week hot and dry and ended up soaking wet! Thanks to our monitor for keeping us informed!

As clever as a .......... we noticed similes in our reading book so found out more about them!

Week 2 Literacy - We enjoyed working in teams to develop our vocabulary. There were some super words in our 'magic' envelopes.

Week 1 Weather. Thank you to our weather monitor for keeping a check on the weather for us!

This week, we learned how to mix paint to show tint and shade. We practised first, then applied our skills by painting a hot air balloon with our own design to show this effect.

At last some sunshine! Thank you to our weather monitor for keeping us up to date with the weather!

What a storytime treat! It's much harder than you think to read a story and keep everyone enthralled! Such beautiful reading, well done and thank you!

Today we were addition problem solvers ....... although some of us used different operations, like multiplication to help too!

Week 5 Weather - Thank you to our weather monitor for recording the temperatures this week.

How lovely to be back on the bus! We enjoyed choosing our books and having time for some quiet reading.

Week 4 Weather - Thank you to our weather monitor for keeping us informed this week!

We won the Gruffalo! Last week we had the best attendance across the school. Well done, Rabbits!

Week 4 - Pupil Voice. What we think can make a difference! We completed questionnaires to give our opinions about our school and our learning.

Week 4 - Fractions. In Maths we reminded ourselves how to halve and quarter a shape or quantity and then moved on to find a third and three quarters.

Well, it wasn't quite the sunny start to May that we were all hoping for! Thank you to our weather monitor for recording this week's weather.

We love learning new vocabulary. Who would have thought there are so many different words for everyday colours?

Week 2 Weather - thank you to our weather monitor for keeping a check on the temperature this week.

Week 2 Division - we enjoyed our practical 'division revision' before moving on.

Literacy - The Greedy Zebra was so hungry, he ate some of the words in our book! We sequenced the events and practised telling the story before writing the ending.

What a lovely week of sunny weather! Thank you to this week's weather monitor!

Happy St George's Day - April 23rd. We celebrated England's patron saint by listening to different versions of the legend of St George and making our own bunting!

Using Trugs to support our word-building (Teaching Reading Using Games)

Bravo! Well done to our candidates for school councillor. What wonderful election speeches you all gave! We voted democratically and now await the results .....

In Phonics we have been learning about the 'w' special rule and how the letter w changes the sound of the vowel following it.

Summer A Week 1. In Maths we have been learning about multiplication, using arrays, pictures and times tables to help us solve problems.

Summer A Week 1 - The Greedy Zebra - In Literacy we used drama to act out the animals finding their new clothes and putting them on!

Happy Easter Everyone!

What wonderful weather this week! .........

We had such great fun taking part in our sponsored Bunny Run! Thank you to everyone who made donations in memory of Mr Carey.

We thought about why Easter is important to Christians and looked at the events of the Easter Story. We used this learning to retell the story ourselves in Literacy.

Well done to our weather monitor this week! On Tuesday and Wednesday it was nice enough to do some outside learning - have a look below!

We love our supermover fit breaks between lessons!

In art, we learnt about the artist Edward Tingatinga and created our own elephants in the Tinga style.

We learnt about push and pull in Science this week.

In Phonics, we learnt an alternative grapheme for the /ar/ phoneme! We love learning outside!

This week's weatherman!

We designed necklaces in the style of the Samburu people of Kenya - aren't they wonderful?

Super Science Day - A Kaleidoscope of Creatures

It's been a mixed bag of weather to welcome us back to school!

We enjoyed creating and reading pictograms, block diagrams and tally charts.

While you have been away .........

Lots of you have have asked for a list of the Year 1 and 2 common exception words. Happy Spelling!

Goodbye 2020! Our final weather monitor of the year.

Christmas Party Day and a visit from Santa!

Finding Fractions

Christmas Dinner!

More Elf Adventures!

And now for this week's weather!

Our reading challenge winner! Well done!

Linking Division to Multiplication - finding fact families

Learning to divide and write division number sentences

The children love coming in and trying to spot the Elf!

Thank you weather monitor.

We have a cheeky visitor in Rabbits Class!

Say NO to Bullying!


During our PSHE lessons we have been thinking about bullying, what it is, what to do if we see or experience bullying and how to stand up for ourselves and others.  This week, we had some scenarios that the children thought about and then created a 'freeze frame' for.  They then described how they felt in this situation.  The children were so thoughtful, with many commenting about how hard it was to pretend to be a bully, knowing that it would make someone else feel sad.  Through this, the children really showed all of our school values of  empathy, kindness, caring and respect and tolerance for others.  Thank goodness we have such wonderful children who know how to "Say no to bullying."

PSHE - Say no to bullying!

Grouping in Division

Christmas has arrived!

This week's weather ......

Christmas Decoration Day!

Making arrays in multiplication

We made 2D shapes and described their properties