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At New Milton Infant School, everybody is an artist and our wide curriculum aims to show children that art encompasses so much more than just the skill of drawing. By studying artists, we aim to show how art has enriched our history and culture, exposing children to various mediums and techniques. This encourages all children, regardless of their starting point, to experiment with their own ideas and create their own works of art. At our school, we value outdoor learning and show children how art can be created using natural resources in our woodland area. Our art lessons also provide a place for reflection and children are encouraged to communicate their thoughts about their own work as well as the work of others. Through an engaging and supportive curriculum, we aim to shape all of our children into confident artists who gain enjoyment in creating and viewing art with an understanding of how this creative subject enriches our society.




At New Milton Infant School, the strategies of exploration and experimentation underpin the majority of Art lessons and allow our children to learn kinaesthetically. They may use a new media, a new technique or try to emulate a particular artists’ style. This time to explore is particularly prevalent for our children with SEND as they have the opportunity to consolidate their previous skills. In order for all children to achieve the learning objectives identified in the National Curriculum, our teachers entwine this exploration with high quality modelling of new skills and techniques. This provides our children with an example piece of work and also helps some of our less confident artists to build a growth mindset and positive attitude as the teacher is able to ‘think aloud’ and share ways of overcoming difficulties. Formative assessment notes from previous Art and Design work is used to highlight children who may require additional support and therefore extra scaffolds are available to them to enable them to reach their full potential. This may be working on a different scale, or ensuring that the focus of the lesson e.g. shading, is the only skill the children have to focus on. Teamwork is a skill that is valued at our school and children are often asked to work cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal and create artwork. This may be in small groups or all contributing to a class final piece. Another key part of Art lessons at our school is discussion. Children are frequently given the time to appreciate each other’s artwork and note strengths and areas for improvement. By providing a safe and supportive atmosphere our teachers work alongside our children to allow their creativity and artistic skills to thrive.





Children at New Milton Infant School are provided with the opportunity to experiment with their imagination and ideas, creating pieces of art work using skills such as sculpture and painting. Our inspiring Art and Design curriculum allows all children to take ownership over their work and embrace the differences between each other’s learning. Whilst children hone their artistic skills and application of techniques, a priority is shaping reflective individuals who can identify strengths in their own work, as well as areas for development. Our Art and Design books allow all children to see the progress they have made in their own learning journeys from their individual starting points and helps cultivate a growing confidence in their ability. Art and Design at New Milton Infant School champions creativity and teaches all children to appreciate various forms of art whilst understanding its contribution to cultures in our world.