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A practical and exciting Design and Technology curriculum will engage all children and allow them to become designers by teaching them the skills to bring their imaginative ideas to life. It will give them an insight into how products are made and how they are used within our society. At New Milton Infant School, our curriculum is ambitious for all children. All of our learners are exposed to a range of opportunities and life skills, from sewing to baking, whilst drawing on knowledge from other subject areas such as science, computing and art. Our aim is to encourage children to experiment and take risks with their learning. We also nurture a self and peer evaluative approach so children are able to improve their learning within a supportive environment. The high quality education at our school provides all children with the foundations to understand how Design and Technology contributes to the creativity, culture and wealth of the wider world.




At New Milton Infant School, we follow a design, make and evaluate cycle when teaching Design and Technology. Each part of this cycle plays a pivotal role in our children’s learning and enables them to achieve. Whilst our teachers model new skills, exploration is also vital, particularly for our children with additional needs who may need this valuable time to consolidate previous skills. Our children are given the time to experiment with existing products and various tools, techniques and materials and use their findings to inform their next steps, particularly in the design and making processes. This allows our children to practise making sensible choices independently to shape their own learning and provides them with the opportunity to have real ownership over their work. As with all high quality teaching, effective questioning helps our children to think carefully about their task and provides opportunity to challenge our more able pupils. As well as this, discussions are a valuable part of our approach to teaching and we encourage our children to evaluate their final products honestly. For SEND children who may find writing challenging, we provide scaffolds and other ways of recording evaluations, e.g. pictorially, in order to maximise all children’s learning and help shape reflective learners.




As a result of our rigorous Design and Technology curriculum all children at our school have the opportunity to experiment with various tools and mechanisms that feature in existing products they use and apply these to their own learning. As a result of the support available, our children make the best possible progress from their individual starting points. They learn the importance of choice and how best to approach a task in order to achieve the desired outcome. By teaching our children about food and nutrition they learn how to lead healthy lifestyles. Evaluation is a key part of our curriculum and therefore Design and Technology at New Milton Infant School helps children to become reflective individuals with a sound knowledge of valuable life skills.