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Family Support Worker




My name is Rachel Baker. 

I am the Family Support Worker for New Milton Infant and New Milton Junior Schools.


What does a Family Support Worker do?

I offer impartial support, advice and guidance to parents and carers. I am a School-based service that provides free support with:

• Parenting concerns

• School transition

• School attendance

• Healthy lifestyle

• Confidence building

• Mental well-being

• Relationship breakdown

• Accessing local services

• Behaviour management

• E-safety

• Bereavement

• School holiday activities

• Benefits / housing / Debt.


I also support children on a 1:1 basis, listening and working with them in different ways e.g.

  • Anger management and control

  • Key transitions, including moving between schools/classes

  • Development of pupil self-esteem and confidence

  • Friendship issues / bullying, including social networking

  • Family issues: bereavement, new baby in the family, parent’s separation / divorce.


How do I do it?

As a Family Support Worker I  give support to families in many different ways including:

  • One-to-one working with parents and carers including talking, listening and supporting

  • Finding practical strategies with parents/carers and children to improve learning, behaviour and relationships

  • Referring and signposting to local services

  • Drop-in coffee mornings.


Why might you need to contact me?

As parents/carers, every day a new challenge or question may arise and you may wonder what the answer or solution is.

"My child's behaviour is getting out of control"

"I'm worried about parents evening"

"Since my partner left, things haven't been the same"

"I'm worried about my child"

"I would just like someone to share my concerns with"



If you would like a friendly chat, I can be found on the playground before school at the Infant School on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday and the Junior school on a Wednesday and Thursday.


Alternatively, please contact me to make an appointment on 01425 610568 or leave a message for me at the school office.