High quality teaching of English will enable pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others. Through reading and listening, others can communicate with them and they will be able to access information in all subject areas.

At New Milton Infant School we aim to teach all our pupils to 'learn to read' in order that they can 'read to learn' in other subjects. We also aim to promote a love of reading which will stay with the children for life. Our Library Bus is just one example of how we try to create a buzz of excitement about books.

In writing, children are taught a cursive script from Reception which then helps them as they learn to 'join up' their handwriting in years one and two. The children are taught to compose their written work by orally rehearsing their sentences, writing it down and then re-reading to check it makes sense. In the Early Years writing can be encouraged by providing a range of different writing materials such as; white boards and pens, chalk boards, and paper of different colours, textures and sizes to experiment with. Value any mark making or play writing the children produce.

We teach phonics daily in all year groups using the systematic phonics program 'Letters and Sounds'. As the children progress they will be taught spelling rules, correct punctuation and grammar - basic skills which will give them a solid foundation for their future learning in English.

Acquiring a good standard of spoken English will underpin the development of reading and writing and is essential to communication as a whole.  We value the use of drama across the whole curriculum to help children improve their speaking and listening skills. Parents can also help by looking for opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills, for example playing games and sharing conversations over a meal and carefully monitoring children’s access to television and computer games. Setting aside time when all mobile phones and tablets are 'out of bounds' can help your child know they have your full attention and develop their social and language skills.