Autumn 1 2019:

Clubs start first week back  and will run for 6 weeks unless otherwise stated

School Clubs

                                                       CLUBS: Autumn 1




 YEAR 1 & 2 DANCE CLUB     3.30 - 4.15pm

                      Starts Monday 16th September &

                      finishes Monday 25th November 2019

                      Runs for 10 weeks






YEAR 1 & 2: FOOTBALL CLUB        3.30 - 4.20pm

                      Starts Tuesday 17th September &

                      finishes Tuesday 22nd October 2019 



YEAR 1 & 2: KARATE CLUB       3.30-4.30pm  

                                Starts Wednesday 11th September &

                                finishes Wednesday 23rd October 2019


YEAR 2:  CHOIR                       3.30-4.00pm

                      Starts TBC

                      finishes Wednesday TBC                                     



YEAR 1 & 2 TENNIS CLUB           3.30 - 4.15pm

                      Starts Wednesday 18th September and

                      finishes Wednesday 23rd October 2019




 YEAR 1 & 2: LEGO CLUB         3.30-4.15pm

                      Starts Thursday 19th September &

                      finishes Thursday 24th October 2019



YEAR 1 & 2: ARTS & CRAFTS CLUB 3.30-4.15PM

              Starts Friday 13th September and

              finishes 18th October



If you would like to find out more, please make enquiries at the school office.

For information on other activities and clubs run outside of school, go to our 'Useful Links' section, found on the 'Parents' tab! 

IN SCHOOL.......
We also have
 a Year 2 Recorder Club, run by Mrs Elliott on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday lunchtimes.