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Good Attendance is important!

If your child misses school, they miss out on lots of things that are going on in school, they miss time with their friends and they miss out on their learning, which they can then struggle to catch up with.

Punctuality can also affect your childs learning.
If your child is late, they can often miss the important things for the day that the teacher has told the children first thing. Your child will then have to find out what the other children are doing, which can also disturb the other children already in class.

Did you know that if your child is 15 minutes late each day, it would add up to 2 weeks of missed lessons over the course of a year!

All children aged 5 to 16 have to receive a full time education.
Parents and Carers have to make sure that this happens.
This is the Law!

Please see the letters copied below.....