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Attend today: achieve tomorrow!

Good attendance and punctuality are vital for success at school and to establish positive habits that are necessary for future success. Through regular attendance pupils can:

•        Achieve to their full potential

•        Build friendships

•        Engage in essential learning to develop life long skills


All parents/carers should promote good attendance and punctuality and work in partnership with the school.





 Make every minute count!

If your child is late by the number of minutes below each and every day, this is how much learning time your child will have missed by the end of the year!

Minutes late each day


Number of school days/weeks missed in a year


5 minutes



3 school days


10 minutes



6.5 days


15 minutes



10 days


20 minutes



13 days


30 minutes



19 days

Pupils should be in school every day between 8.44am and 8:55am. If pupils arrive after 8:55am they need to sign in at the school office and this will be reported as ‘Late before register closes’. Arrival after 9.00am will be recorded as ‘late after register closes and therefore will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring your child receives 100% attendance at school!